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Instructor Initiated Withdrawal System (IIWS)

Virginia Western's Instructor Initiated Withdrawal System (IIWS) is an electronic system of validating student attendance/participation for purposes of complying with federal reporting guidelines. This system is designed for faculty to report non-attendance for two reporting periods - no-show reporting and withdrawal reporting. The due dates for those rosters are listed below. For more information regarding how to use the system, please view the documentation.

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Due Dates - Term: 2224

Session Roster Open Close
1NO SHOW ROSTER09-09-202209-13-2022
12WNO SHOW ROSTER10-04-202210-08-2022
8W1NO SHOW ROSTER08-31-202209-04-2022
8W2NO SHOW ROSTER10-26-202210-30-2022

DYN Due Dates - Term: 2224

Instructor Class Roster Open Close
Richard ClarkEGR 140 V1 (41865)NO SHOW ROSTER09-15-202209-19-2022
Richard ClarkEGR 245 V1 (42628)NO SHOW ROSTER09-15-202209-19-2022
Richard ClarkEGR 246 V1 (41851)NO SHOW ROSTER09-15-202209-19-2022
Brenda GreenwayHLT 105 HY1 (41704)NO SHOW ROSTER08-28-202209-01-2022
Brenda GreenwayHLT 105 HY1A (42267)NO SHOW ROSTER08-28-202209-01-2022
Brenda GreenwayHLT 105 HY2 (41738)NO SHOW ROSTER09-11-202209-15-2022
Brenda GreenwayHLT 105 HY2A (42269)NO SHOW ROSTER09-11-202209-15-2022
Brenda GreenwayHLT 105 HY3 (41739)NO SHOW ROSTER09-25-202209-29-2022
Brenda GreenwayHLT 105 HY4 (41906)NO SHOW ROSTER10-02-202210-06-2022
Brenda GreenwayHLT 105 HY5 (41955)NO SHOW ROSTER10-16-202210-20-2022
Brenda GreenwayHLT 105 HY6 (42103)NO SHOW ROSTER10-23-202210-27-2022
Brenda GreenwayHLT 105 HY7 (42404)NO SHOW ROSTER11-13-202211-17-2022
Brenda GreenwayHLT 105 HY8 (42505)NO SHOW ROSTER11-20-202211-24-2022
Brenda GreenwayHLT 106 HY1 (41593)NO SHOW ROSTER09-17-202209-21-2022
Brenda GreenwayHLT 106 HY2 (41697)NO SHOW ROSTER10-08-202210-12-2022
Brenda GreenwayHLT 106 HY3 (41939)NO SHOW ROSTER11-05-202211-09-2022
Brenda GreenwayHLT 106 HY4 (42188)NO SHOW ROSTER12-03-202212-07-2022
Richard JuneauBIO 101 20 (62241)NO SHOW ROSTER09-04-202209-08-2022
Richard JuneauBIO 101 20S (74840)NO SHOW ROSTER09-04-202209-08-2022
Kimberly MattsonBIO 101 HY2 (41580)NO SHOW ROSTER09-04-202209-08-2022
Bryan SnareMTH 195 V1 (42713)NO SHOW ROSTER09-09-202209-13-2022
Barbara WrightHLT 100 HY1 (41871)NO SHOW ROSTER09-11-202209-15-2022
Barbara WrightHLT 100 HY2 (42083)NO SHOW ROSTER10-09-202210-13-2022
Jeffrey WrightHLT 100 HY3 (42084)NO SHOW ROSTER10-30-202211-03-2022