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ITP120 – Java Programming I VT Section

Instructor: Diane Wolff


Business Science M224
3099 Colonial Avenue SW
PO Box 14007
Roanoke VA 24038-4007


Distance Learning Only


Course Description

ITP 120 Java Programming I (4 CR) Prerequisite: None for the VT section. Entails instruction in fundamentals of object-oriented programming using Java. Emphasizes program construction, algorithm development, coding, debugging, and documentation of console and graphical user interface applications. Lecture 4 hours per week.

ITP 120 is the first semester of Java programming.  The Java programming language is one of the most important computer languages for both client-side and server-side applications. Java allows you write intranet applications and other e-business solutions that are the foundation of corporate computing. It also is integral to the development of client-side applications for everything from games to Droid applications.

This course introduces the fundamentals of general computer programming and specifically, Java.  Topics include decisions, loops, and method calls.  Collections are introduced and include arrays and ArrayLists.

Course Outline

Getting Registered  - Use the following instructions for applying, registering, and paying.

  1. Apply at (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.   If you have any problems with applying, call the Admissions Office at 540-857-7231. NOTE: Do not declare a major.  Indicate that you are a transient (non-degree seeking) student.
  2. At the end of the process, you will be assigned a seven-digit ID.  Make certain to copy that down.
  3. Send the id to and we will help you finish the process of registration. You cannot register yourself.

Contact Methods and Response Time

I am teaching mostly distance learning so the fastest contact method is through an email at  I read these just about 24/7 and generally respond definitely within 24 hours. This includes most weekends.   As due dates get closer, my email load increases dramatically so response may be slower (you can prevent this being a problem for you by starting early).  I am not in my college campus very often so phone call response will be much slower.  Discord postings will usually be answered within 24 hours.  I will be grading right after you submit, and grades will usually be posted within 24 hours of the due date.  See more details below.

Office Hours Statement

My office is located in M310 in the Business Science building. This office is in the U shape hallway that is located behind the snack machines on the second floor. Please see Canvas for the days and times of my office hours.  We can also jump on the Zoom tool if you need help.

Attendance / Lateness Policy

This is a distance learning class with assignments due in two-week increments (see schedule).  There will also be YouTube videos that you will be expected to watch.  “Attendance” will be determined by submission of your assignments on the due dates.

 Student Evaluation

          Introductory survey                                                  10 points    
          Laboratory assignments 7 @ 50 points each           350 points  (5 pts are for comments)
          MyProgrammingLab practice                                  140 points
          Project @ 50 points                                                   50 points
                                                                                           550 points
          90%=A   80-89% = B   70-79% = C   60-69% = D 

Due Dates – both Our Lab in Canvas (12:00 noon) and MyProgrammingLab (11:55PM) due on the following Saturdays

Survey – Aug 28th

Mod 1 –  Sept 4th  

Mod 2 – Sept 18th  

Mod 3 – Oct 2nd

Mod 4 – Oct 16th   

Mod 5 – Oct 30th

Mod 6 – Nov 13th

Mod 7 – Nov 27th  

Project – Dec 11th   

Make-up / Late Work Policy

The schedule lists the due dates for each module.  You may progress faster than the schedule but not slower without instructor permission.  Any submissions after the due date without instructor permission will be docked 30% if turned in within 24 hours of the due date/time. With previous instructor permission, only 20% off. No submissions allowed after the answer key is posted. For EXTREME circumstances, contact me.  No late MyProgrammingLab assignments will be allowed.  

Penalties for Academic Honesty Violations

Each student should consider that they are in this class to learn a critical skill, some of the best skills in the IT industry. I view my role as trying to help you obtain these skills. I expect all submissions to be your own work.  Any assignment/test/quiz where this is not the case will result in a zero.  See Virginia Western policies for more details (in your student handbook).        

Academic Responsibilities

The materials on this site are only for the use of students enrolled in this course for purposes associated with the course and may not be retained or further disseminated. It is the student’s responsibility to comply with the full Honor Code and Conduct requirements which are described in the Student Handbook.  An Honor Code summary is posted on the marker board in each classroom. 

Inclement Weather Policy (not a problem for this section since we are DL)

Important Dates

First Day to Register Monday May 10th, 2021
First Day of Classes Mon August 23rd       
Last Day to Register/Add a Class  Sunday August 29th       
Last Day to Drop and Receive Refund Thurs September 9th
Last Day to Withdraw Without Grade Penalty Wed October 27th    
Last Day of Classes Fri December 10th       

Method of Instruction

All materials will be served from Canvas and MyProgramming Lab. This is also where you will submit all of your work.  There are many useful documents and tools on the portal.  We will have synchronous online sessions at 3:00PM on Sunday afternoons which will be recorded if you cannot attend. 


Java, How to Program, 11th edition plus MyProgramming Lab, Paul and Harvey Deitel.  There are three versions.  You can choose an eBook version of the text, a Student Value edition (which is a loose-leaf version) or a regular printed book.  Make certain that the book you get says “early objects.

ISBN with eBook  9780134752129
            ISBN with loose leaf printed text
            ISBN with printed version of text

NOTE: If you find a cheap version of the text, you can purchase just the access code for the MyProgrammingLab. This option is available for purchase online through registration process at and the link bottom right.


We will be using a version of Eclipse that you can download from Canvas. You can also go to to get the 64-bit download. Instructions for unzipping and use can be found at

Macintosh folks – you will need a Mac version.  I can send you directions for the download and set up.  Let me know.


A student will receive an Incomplete only under mitigating circumstances. An Incomplete will give the student additional time beyond the end of the semester to complete the course requirements. The student and instructor will decide on an appropriate deadline. Any outstanding work not completed by this agreed upon deadline will result in the Incomplete being changed to an F. An Incomplete will only be given if the student has mitigating circumstances and cannot complete the last few assignments or the final project on time. Please contact me immediately if you have problems.

Specific Classroom Policies:

  1. Spend 80% of your time coding – not reading! You cannot learn a computer language by reading a book.  SKIM the material in the book, watch the movies, and start on the assignment.  Use the text as a reference and guide.
  2. If you need to drop the class (hopefully no one will have to do so!) you must do it yourself online (I can help you find the link).  The last day to drop this class without an F grade for fall semester is October 27th .
  3. There will be video online sessions for every module.  There will be good information during these --- and it is highly suggested that you listen to the recording of them. 
  4. Keep up with the discussion forums since you are responsible for clarifications posted there (hopefully---there will not be too many of them…)
  5. I will be grading all submissions right after the due date of that module, even if you submit early. It is critical that you make your final submission through Canvas only!
  6. As you are working through the material and have questions, you need to do one of two things.  If the question is about a general concept or topics where you would like to see more examples, submit this through the discussion forum.  Do not post large chunks of your code there.  If you want me to look at your specific problems (that is what I am here for!) jar up your file (include ONLY those files needed to make the program where your questions are run!!!) and send it through email to the address above.  Make certain to explain the problem in the text of the email.  I will response VERY quickly to both of these types of postings.
  7. For anyone located close to VWCC, we have tutoring and office hours here on campus that you can utilize.  Contact me for more information.
  8. Start early on each module if you can.  I am very receptive to helping all I can, especially early in the module sequence.   However- on the few days before the due date, I may not be able to answer as quickly due to high traffic.
  9. PLEASE CHECK CANVAS RIGHT AFTER THE DUE DATE FOR YOUR GRADE!!!    Open up the assignment and you will see my comments. If you have omitted something or misunderstood an instruction, I may put comments here and let you make changes with no penalty for the first module and a five-point penalty after that.  I will not be looking at your submissions until the due date, no matter how early you submit.  You cannot resubmit and correct normal errors. I am only allowing re-submissions if you (for instance) include the .class files instead of the .javas, etc.   You will have the 24 hours to get it back in with changes.  If you do not see my comments within this time, you will not be allowed to resubmit.
  10.  I also want to improve this course for future semester offerings.  I am asking that for 5 points each, you use the textbox on the laboratory submission to give me comments about the module.    Please include positive comments as well as constructive suggested changes for each module.  Noted typos or suggested rewording would be appreciated.  And please include an approximate number of hours spent totally (reading, writing, coding) for the module as a whole so I can judge the assignment requirements.  I appreciate your help in this matter. 

Campus Safety
Evacuation procedures: Posted near each classroom entry.  To report an emergency, call 911 or Campus security at 857-7979.

The college has created a campus safety video that each student is required to view. A link to this “Critical Safety Video” is located on one of the links under Syllabus on our Canvas course.

Students are encouraged to register for VW Alert Text Messaging System. To register for the text alerts, go to

Open Computer Labs

An open computer lab is available for student use for work related to course assignments in the Library Brown 112.  Tutors are available to assist students with class subject material. 

Additional Information

 Virginia Western policies, the course outline, and course syllabus can be obtained on the Virginia Western website

Further Information for You

This course has been specifically geared towards VTMIT students.  This course was developed in conjunction with the VT professors to give you the specific prerequisite knowledge that they will assume.   I am dedicated to being available to you as needed, and to make this course a very positive learning experience for you.    If you have comments about what I can do to better serve you, please let me know.  Let’s have a great semester!